Pressure Washing is a powerful way to re-establish the original look of your patio, pathway, driveway, decking or other outdoor area.


Pressure Washing, or Jet Washing, will remove any moss, dirt, mud and most weeds using only a high-pressured jet of water taken from a nearby water mains tap.

There are many different types of areas we can clean:

  • Driveway
  • Patios, including, Limestone and Sandstone
  • Garden Paths

  • Decking Consisting of Wood and Composite

  • Paving Slabs

  • Concrete and Brick, Including Walls Following A Quick Survey of Structure

  • Bin Cleaning and Bin Room Cleaning

Patio Before CleanAfter Pressure Wash

Why Choose DC Ltd For Pressure Cleaning?

Unlike other companies, we do not require electricity to undertake the pressure washing. We simply arrive on site at the agreed time, un-load, plug in to your water mains or internal tap and proceed to clean the quoted area. We can also arrange for Gutter Cleaning at the same time!
Furthermore, for those tough stains, stubborn moss and deep-rooted weeds we have a range of chemicals available that are safe for children and pets once dry, and environmentally considerate!

As part of our service, we will re-sand or re-concrete any area that have been dug up as a result of the deep cleaning process.
Before booking, please consider access to water mains tap, and drainage.

Garden Patio BeforeGarden Patio After

Professional Gutter Cleaning

Can be provided as part of a pressure clean, our Professional Gutter Cleaning service is an often-forgotten task which is vital to ensuring that you are roof and basement leak free, which in hand reduces the risk of mold, which can cause serious harm to anyone living in the property. With state-of-the-art gutter vacuums, we can safely assess your gutters and downpipes with a live feed camera, and report back to you with any information regarding damaged gutters or blockages.

We are also able to reach gutters up to 4 Stories, so you do not have to worry about height being a problem. With a range of nozzles available, no gutter is too narrow or wide.

Professional Gutter Cleaning

“Exceptional Service”

“Daryl and his team go above and beyond for us on a regular basis, ensuring our product is transported efficiently and safely across the country.”
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