Management Regulation

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Management of HMOs

There are 2 sets of management relations:

  1. most HMOs – Statutory Instruments no. 372, 2006
  2. section 257 HMOs (blocks of self-contained flats that fall within the HMO definition) – Statutory Instruments no.1903, 2007.

The Management Regulations impose duties on both the managers and the tenants of an HMO. The duties imposed are to ensure the good order, repair and, as appropriate, cleanliness of the following:

  • means of water supply and drainage
  • parts of the house in common use
  • installations in common use
  • living accommodation
  • windows and ventilation
  • means of escape from fire, including any fire apparatus.

The manager is also given certain responsibilities in respect of the disposal of refuse and litter, and the taking of reasonable precautions to protect tenants and lodgers from dangers resulting from structural conditions in the premises.

Management regulations also impose duties in the tenants of houses.